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Laupenstrasse 45
3008 Bern

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Business Consulting in Glass Industry

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Business Consulting in Glass Industry

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Focus: Glass Industry

sieber&partners has a wealth of experience in the glass industry: from the manufacture and refinemenet of flat glass, through its processing into safety and/or insulating glass, to its use in windows and facades.


By combining decades of successful activity in digital transformation with the broad knowledge of the glass industry, we are able to offer value-adding and customized services, such as:

  • Business Strategy

  • Digital Strategy

  • Market Analysis

  • IT Situation Analysis

  • Project Management

  • Process Analysis, Process Harmoninzation

  • Workshop «Digitalization Glass Industry»

  • IoT Readiness

  • Purchasing Negociations

  • M&A Consulting

  • Commercial and IT Due Diligence

  • etc.

Glass industry and its ecosystem


sieber&partners accompanies you from the development of a strategy or idea (identify, innovate) to its implementation (implement).

 François Dubuis

François Dubuis

François Dubuis has over twenty years of international experience in the glass industry and its ecosystem. Among other things, he worked for fifteen years as Head of Business Development at a renowned glass company with over 5’000 employees.