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Business Consulting in Glass Industry

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Business Consulting in Glass Industry

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The glass industry must face the technical and organizational challenges of the industrial future in order to remain competitive both nationally and internationally. Finally, in the course of demographic change, it is also a question of maintaining and safeguarding specialist skills in companies over the long term.

The ecosystem presents topics along the entire value chain of the glass industry.

Digital Business Excellence

If a company is prepared to change out of calm, this can release new energies to remain competitive or even increase value creation. In concrete terms, new technologies can transform business models and exploit new business opportunities. If the organization chooses this path, it must acquire knowledge about the relevant technologies, competing industries and market participants, customer expectations and the digitization potential of the company.

sieber&partners supports you in optimally meeting current and future customer and market needs and at the same time identifying necessary innovation and disruptive changes at an early stage. In this way, together we create the conditions for you to remain competitive in the coming years and to assert yourself in a technologically changing environment with increas-ingly digital business models.

Our consulting approaches

The 3i Transformation Model ® from sieber&partners is suitable for discovering digitation potential, planning its realization and controlling its implementation. On the one hand, it is a description to quickly address the topics and company levels relevant to the customer. On the other hand, it is a method for an iterative approach across all three levels of the company in order to identify solutions that can be implemented with foresight.


Our consultants

Highly qualified and experienced consultants work for sieber&partners.
We have over twenty years of international experience in the glass industry and its ecosystem. Among other things, François Dubuis worked for fifteen years as Head of Business Development at a renowned glass company with over 5’000 employees.

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Combined knowledge at sieber&partners

Our working model is based on the insight that every change in strategy has an impact on value creation and on the respective business processes. Every change in business processes automatically entails changes in the information technologies used.

sieber&partners accompanies you from the development of a strategy or idea (identify, innovate) to its implementation (implement).