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Pascal Sieber

Pascal Sieber

Ich lasse mich gerne begeistern und denke, dass ich auch andere begeistern kann. Es gefällt mir, Verbindungen zwischen den unterschiedlichsten Ideen und Menschen zu knüpfen.

In den 1980-er-Jahren habe ich begonnen, mich mit den Möglichkeiten der Informationstechnologie zu befassen. In den 1990-er-Jahren erlebte ich den E-Hype hautnah.

Heute ist vieles einfacher geworden als damals. Es gibt neue, reife Technologien, und ich setze mich fasziniert mit diesen neuen Möglichkeiten auseinander.

 Kunden sagen über mich:

  • “Pascal is both a manager and a pioneer.”

  • “He was able to make the crucial link between the vision, the strategy and how to get the implementation to work. With his wide periscope, he sees lots of details and works best at the strategic level.”

  • “He understands very quickly and is highly intelligent: his broad thinking makes him able to contribute ideas from different perspectives. Pascal is a smart guy, driven by excellence and I am glad that he has learnt to moderate the pace of his thinking when interacting with others.”

  • “His contributions were based not only on his vast knowledge and expertise, but also very much on insights gained from his own practical experience.”

  • “He was able to identify three new and valuable lines of business for us.”

  • “It is easy to establish common ground with him. Pascal possesses a very high level of social competence, places a lot of value on the human aspects and on creating win-win solutions. He is positive, well-composed, respectfully subtle and honest.”

  • “He is man of understatement: a true professional with a gift for networking; someone who cares about his clients.”

  • “Based on his broad network, he knows how to bring the right people together.”

  • “One of his key competences is his superb ability to moderate large and diverse groups.”

  • “Pascal has a mix of genuine modesty and tough persistence: his persistence and lack of compromise can sometimes get uncomfortable. Even when discussions get tough, he maintains a very constructive attitude.”

  • “He likes to make an impact, make things work. His contributions are very practical and down-to-earth and his style is strongly responsive and hands-on. He puts his heart into what he is doing.”

  • “He is excellent in transformation projects and at driving things forward, with a focus on keeping to the agreed time-lines. Pascal has a lot of experience in organisational development.”

  • “His 360° approach is very helpful and refreshing: after just 2 hours with him, I feel very much inspired. His contributions are very original and out-of-the-box. He sees the big picture, is able to identify connections and to join up the dots. He can deal with a high level of complexity and pinpoint the essential.”

"Digital Business Excellence heisst für mich, die Manager/-innen und Fachpersonen zu befähigen, ihre Wertschöpfung durch geschickte Vernetzung zu maximieren und ihren Kund(inn)en einen nachhaltig höheren Wert zu stiften als die Konkurrenz es tut.”

Transformation Consultant

Pascal Sieber
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