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3i Board Game

Welcome to the 3i Transformation Model Board Game

This is a prototype. We want to improve the 3i Transformation Model Board Game step by step. It is meant to be a serious game. Players learn how to Lead their digital transformation. Players are board members, operations managers, IT managers.

Before you start:

  1. Download and print game board

  2. Read “how to play”

  3. Make sure each participant chooses a game piece (character)

How to play

3i Transformation Model Board Game helps you to understand what it means to manage and lead the digital transformation in your organization.

  1. Before you start playing, decide weather you want to reflect and talk about your whole organization, only one division or even a multi-organizational setting (business network). This just for you to make sure everybody is having the same organizational setting in mind.

  2. Now put all the game pieces somewhere in upper left corner of the play board.

  3. The first player starts and puts his game piece on field 1, clicks on 1 in the app and follow the instructions.

  4. Each player now does the same as described in point 3.

  5. After the first round, each player just goes one step forward each time it is her/his time to play.

  6. On red play fields, click on the number (1 to 10) in the app.

  7. On blue play fields, click on “Tech Trends” in the app.

  8. The play is finished if you have a confirmed plan for the next three years. You’ll be informed by the app.