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infoteam Software AG - Strategic analysis for the validation of the market positioning and development

Lukas Wüthrich

infoteam Software AG is an internationally active company that develops software for manufacturers of automation and drive systems, medical devices and laboratory automation. In 2006, the German corporation opened a Swiss subsidiary that focuses on clients in the sectors of manufacturing, industrial automation, medical engineering and life sciences and supplies them with high quality software services. To accelerate the development of the Swiss branch, the management sought a critical evaluation of their market positioning and processing.

Stefan Angele, member of the board of directors, of infoteam Software AG, comissioned sieber&partners with the evaluation of the service offering, the target market and the positioning of infoteam Software in Switzerland. To this end, sieber&partners designed and conducted a strategic analysis of current, past and potential customers which encompassed the following aspects, taking into account the competition as well:

  • Awareness and image

  • Services offered

  • Marketing and sales strategy

Performance delivery Furthermore, the analysis explored the purchasing process for these services in order to better understand the local conditions:

  • Decision making

  • Decision makers (buying center)

  • Reasoning and criteria for choice of suppliers


  1. Definition of objectives and hypotheses as well as key topics and target groups

  2. Development of an interview guide

  3. Recruitment of participants for and scheduling of the interviews with current, past and potential customers

  4. Realisation of the interviews

  5. Evaluation of answers and presentation in a report alongside recommendations for action potential

  6. Compilation of a management summary for the decision makers incl. further information about the client

  7. Distribution of the summary report and thanking of all participants for the cooperation


Results and benefits
As an external and neutral party, sieber&partners could not only obtain honest feedback from current customers but also conduct the survey among potential customers. The interviews determined the awareness and image of infoteam Software AG among the target group. Additionally, they gave a clear image of the typical buying center and the client’s decision-making process. On the basis of these findings, solid measures to optimize marketing, sales, service offering and performance delivery could be devised. Furthermore, such an analysis can serve to improve customer loyalty and facilitate acquisition: Current customers feel valued and potential customers are introduced to the company. The analysis also shows infoteam Software to be interested in truly knowing customer needs and offering appealing services. 

„sieber&partner’s analysis showed us how we are perceived in the Swiss market. Based on these findings, they formulated concrete and realizable measures to improve our market processing“

Stefan Angele, Member of the Board of Directors, infoteam Software AG